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Subclass 457 visa and condition 8107 From 19 November 2016, the period that a primary subclass 457 visa holder can remain in Australia after their employment ceases will be reduced from 90 days to 60 days. This change would apply to subclass 457 visas granted on, or after, 19 November 2016.

Changes to the Member of the Family Unit (MOFU) definition for Subclass 457 visa applications. The two key differences from current arrangements are:  only partners and children can meet the definition (other relatives are no longer permitted);  ‘children’ are limited to individuals aged: · under 18; or · between 18 and 23 only if they are dependent (an upper age limit has been added); or · 23 or older only if they are physically or mentally incapacitated for work These new arrangements will impact all applications lodged on or after 19 November 2016 (applications lodged prior to this date must still be assessed against the existing requirements).

WHV - 6076 & 6011 postcodes added to regional locations Legislative Instrument - IMMI 16/087 - F2016L01441 - Migration Regulations 1994 - Working Holiday Visa - Definitions of Specified Work and Regional Australia This Instrument revokes the previous Instrument IMMI 16/041 and specifies the locations and work activities that satisfy the eligibility requirements for the grant of a second Working Holiday Subclass 417 visa. Two postcodes have been added to the locations: 6076 and 6111 in Perth Hills, Western Australia. Note that since 5 May 2016, Norfolk Island has also been included as a regional location for this purpose. The specified activities remain unchanged: plant and animal cultivation fishing and pearling tree farming and felling mining construction This Instrument commences on 16 September 2016.

Migrant Intake into Australia Inquiry report This report was sent to Government on 13 April 2016 and publicly released on 12 September 2016. This report presents an assessment of the benefits and costs of temporary and permanent immigration, with regard to the budgets and balance sheets of Australian governments, and the income, wealth and living standards of Australian citizens.

Most migrants are very satisfied with their lives in Australia... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-08-24/new-zealanders-report-higher-levels-of-discrimination/7778520


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